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grrlsroom's Journal

Grrls Room!
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
You can post about pretty much anything. It's about your life and what you want other people to know.
(you don't have to be 18+ to join anymore! open for all ages!)

This community offers support, encouragement, and a chance to make new "grrl" friends.

Tired about guys wanting us to look like barbies? BITCH ABOUT IT! Are you sick of people staring at you because you have tattoos and weird colored hair? BITCH ABOUT IT! are you stressed because your on the rag and everyone is pissing you off? BITCH ABOUT IT!

picture posting is encouraged! but please use the lj-cut feature.

wanna know what to talk about? check out the interests list below!!!!

i will ban anyone who does the following:

-makes rude posts about another user
-posts racist comments
-posts descriptive sexual/gore/violent posts without a warning and an lj-cut.(there are minors in this community)
-or just angers me by doing something tasteless...

other info:
-this isn't strictly a "riotgrrl" community.
-every once and a while i'll post dicussion topics because it's so fun to debate and argue.
-have a question or comment? want to report a mean/rude user? email me at jessicasiegman@earthlink.net

community maintained by jessicasiegman